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ATTENTION: All attendees must read and accept the Covid-19 Policy and Attendee Agreement to proceed with registration. Any registrations made without accepting the Covid-19 Policy and Attendee Agreement will be considered VOIDED.

NOTE: ALL information submitted below MUST MATCH your order information as well as information on your Covid vaccine proof/ Covid negative test results. A valid photo ID will be required at on-site registration.


Attendee Agreement Form


Please include the legal names of all attendees you plan to register today and leave the rest blank. We ask that you only register up to four attendees per order. Note that registering more than one person and accepting the COVID-19 Policy and Attendee Agreement is an acceptance for all attendees listed. Tidal Wave Party is a 21+ Event and all attendees must show proof of ID/AGE at registration





Do I need to show proof of vaccination to enter the event?2022-12-08T08:20:55-05:00

YES! We are requiring only ONE of the following:

  1. Proof of full vaccination (Administered Minimum 14 days prior to the event)
  2. Proof of a negative COVID-19 test result administered within 72 hours of the event
What happens if I don’t have either of these documents?2022-11-23T20:57:09-05:00

Failure to provide either of these two documents, will result in non-admittance to Tidal Wave Party and forfeiture of paid event pass and paid hotel deposits. Proof is required of all COVID-19 vaccinations and/or negative test results in either hard copy or digital format with your name and administration dates legible. NO EXEMPTIONS!

I’m traveling in from outside of the United States. What do I do?2021-09-03T17:34:53-04:00

For those of you traveling from outside of the United States, the same test results required for entry to the USA can be used if it is within the 72-hour period as stated in prior question.

Do international travelers need to quarantine on arrival?2022-11-23T19:26:57-05:00

There are currently no quarantine restrictions or requirements in Nevada as of 09/03/2021. You will need to be fully vaccinated and/or tested, with proof of negative test results prior to arrival per CDC guidelines. Please refer to your airline and/or the CDC guidelines above for more specific information regarding your travel and requirements

Are masks required during the event?2022-11-23T19:26:03-05:00

At this time, masks are not required in Las Vegas. However, the CDC and other Health Departments currently recommend that masks be worn by anyone attending a large gathering with limited social distancing. Tidal Wave will continue to monitor guidance and recommendations from the CDC and local legislation. Please bring a mask(s) in case they are required.

Will onsite COVID testing be provided?2022-12-02T10:14:44-05:00


I have tested positive for Covid-19! What do I do now?2022-12-02T10:15:15-05:00

Those who have tested positive are able to have their tickets rolled over to the following year at no charge. Please send an email to info@tidalwaveparty.com to advise us of this status. We will require a positive Covid-19 test result to be provided. We will work with these guests (to the best of our ability) on their weekend party passes and with the Tuscany Suites & Casino on a case-by-case basis.


Can I call the1-800 number or the Tuscan Suites and Casino directly to reserve rooms?2022-11-23T19:13:51-05:00

No, this must be done through the booking link ONCE your Gold, Silver or Bronze ticket has been purchased. We will audit Eventbrite and rooming list and those reservations not in compliance will be cancelled and no refunds issued.

When will my card be charged?2022-11-23T19:25:17-05:00

One night stay will be charged upon booking your room reservation. Each individual is required to provide a major credit card for the first night’s room and tax deposit which will be charged to guarantee accommodations. Reservations requests received after the May1, 2023 cut off will be confirmed on a space available basis. The remainder of the room night accommodations will be charged upon check in.

*A 4-night minimum stay is required and must include Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday*

Shit! I need to cancel my reservation…what do I do?2022-12-02T10:16:31-05:00

All run pass refund requests must be submitted in writing to, info@tidalwaveparty.com with the subject line reading “Refund request”.  All refunds will be responded to within 5 business days. Pass refunds are available up to 45 days prior to the event start date. Tidal Wave ticket refunds will be issued to the CC used. Tidal Wave Refunds are available until April 17, 2023 and are subject to $20 cancellation fee. The Eventbrite service (2% + $0.79 per ticket) and payment processing fee (2.5% per order) are NON-REFUNDABLE.

We understand things come up and people need to cancel. Cancellations Must be made 72 hours prior to June 1, 2023, will be honored and a full refund issued. Any cancellations after the 72-hour cancellation cuff-off, will be charged a one-night stay.

May I charge food and beverages to my room?2018-08-25T02:23:16-04:00


Why are the host hotel rates higher during Tidal Wave Weekend?2022-11-08T15:28:42-05:00

We asked a hotel manager this very same question, below is the Answer.

Hi Danny,

You are correct that the rates the weekend prior to Tidal Wave are lower, there are several factors that play into this:

Demand – The Tidal Wave event falls over a weekend with high demand in the area which increases the rates, this is why throughout the year you will see different pricing from day to day and week to week

Flow Through – Pre and Post days of Tidal Wave are difficult days for the hotel to sell rooms since the hotel is not able to offer stays that overlap with the Tidal Wave event

Area Hotels – In looking at the other hotels in the area with similar events we are offering competitive rates. In addition we do not enforce policies such as mandatory valet.

Packages – We do not offer packages during special events such as Tidal Wave, our parking team requires extra staffing and longer hours which prevents us from discounting parking.

Staffing/Additional Cost – An event such as Tidal Wave does require additional staffing for all departments, more than any other event throughout the year. Things that we offer such as the poolside bar and grill concessions are at no additional cost to Tidal Wave and the hotel breaks even on these.

Is there a resort or service fee for the host hotel?2022-11-23T19:22:56-05:00


When will the booking link be given out?2022-11-23T19:29:42-05:00

Once you complete your Tidal Wave ticket purchase (Gold, Silver, or Bronze) you will receive an email with the Tuscany Suites and Casino booking link. Please choose # of guests, your room type, fill in name on reservation, Credit Card information and submit.

Each person occupying your room MUST purchase a Tidal Wave 15: Ohana ticket. Failure to comply will forfeit your Tidal Wave ticket with no refund and forfeit your room reservation.

If your desired room type is no longer available, it will not be offered.

The hotel will start a rooming waitlist and fill those requests in order of request received.

What are the minimum nights required to secure the hotels?2022-11-23T19:18:39-05:00

There is a minimum 4 day booking to stay in the Host Hotel that must include: Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights

Why is there a minimum night requirement for the Host Hotel?2022-11-23T19:10:06-05:00

A hotel buyout requires a percentage of occupancy per night. If we do not meet this minimum, the remainder of the rooms will be open to the public including the pool areas, restaurants, bars.

May we bring a cooler to the pool area?2022-11-23T19:27:58-05:00

Only catered food and beverages are allowed in the pool area.

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