• On or before, March 31, 2020, just send us an email at info@tidalwaveparty.com.
  • In the subject line, put “Count me in for 2021!”.
  • In the email, please include your name, email address, phone number, your Confirmation number for your Tidal Wave ticket, and your hotel name and confirmation number for your hotel reservation.

We will hold your ticket payment and the B Hotel will issue a refund for your current room deposit within 60 days. The first night deposit for 2021 will be due March 1, 2021. The second night deposit will be due May 1, 2021. You will get the same ticket(s) and room reservation at the B Hotel that was confirmed for 2020. Your ticket price(s) and room rate will be exactly the same as in 2020.

**The 2021 ticket and hotel confirmation numbers will remain the same in 2020**

Important Note: Please do not contact the B Hotel directly to cancel or rebook your room.