• On or before, March 31, 2020, send us an email at info@tidalwaveparty.com.
  • In the subject line, put “Cancel My Ticket and B Hotel Reservation”.
  • In the email, please include your name, email address, phone number with area code, your Confirmation number for your Tidal Wave ticket, and the confirmation number for your hotel reservation.

We will refund the cost of your Tidal Wave ticket(s) and the B Hotel deposit you paid. Those refunds will appear as two separate credits on the credit card used for the original ticket order and hotel reservation. Once we receive your email, it will take approximately 60 days for us process your refunds.


Important Notes: Please do not contact the B Hotel directly. You must cancel your ticket/hotel reservations by March 31. For cancellations after March 31, refunds will be subject to a 4.95% processing fee. Refunds for Tidal Wave ticket(s) may be credited to your account on a different day as the refund for your hotel deposit.